Offset Printing

Offset printing is the ideal technique for high volume commercial print runs. Why? Put simply, it is the most cost-effective method and results in a clean, crisp, colour accurate professional print.

Our print capacity along with our extensive range of finishing equipment means we have the press power to print whatever size job you can throw at us. Our offset presses can print 300 sheets per minute (that’s 18,000 sheets per hour!) and since we print so rapidly your price per piece is not static, meaning the more you print, the cheaper the price per piece becomes.

Offset allows for print on a wide range of substrates. Whether it be coated or uncoated, thin or thick, smooth or textured, we can print on it. In fact, at Lakes Printers you are not limited to printing in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) ink colours only. Our production team are colour experts and specialise in the print of custom inks such as metallic and pantone colours.

Many different considerations will determine the best method of print, be it offset or digital. With over 80 years of operation and 200 + years of knowledge and experience we have the right team to help you make that decision.

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